WordPress Website Care – 5 Reasons to Leave it to the Experts

You’ve hired a developer to build a WordPress website for your business. It’s wonderful. It’s everything you wanted and then some. Your reputation as a business has improved, you’re getting more traffic and sales, you’re over the moon.

Then, disaster strikes. Your website freezes and crashes every time you try to load it. Your customers are complaining they can’t get onto your site. You know you’re missing out on potential clients and opportunities. Unfortunately, you declined the developer’s website care and maintenance package.

Now what do you do?

Not everyone will want to pay someone to maintain their website, and that’s their prerogative. We’re all looking for ways to save money and cut costs, especially when running a business.

It’s tempting to want to entirely run your own website, keep maintenance in house and save on your outgoings. Perhaps you deem paying for website care an added expense. In truth, it’s an investment. An insurance policy.

If you need some convincing, take the following into consideration.

Security and Protection

A website care and maintenance package will immediately give you a higher level of protection. Someone who develops and maintains websites for a living will have the most recent safeguards in place which will protect you against hackers and security breaches. Cybersecurity is paramount to any business in today’s digital age. You are responsible for keeping any customer information safe, so all additional security is a bonus.

Less Website Issues and Downtime

With security and protection in mind, your website care will include daily backups. This means if anything were to go awry, your site can be recovered. Regular updates to your site’s theme and plugins will prevent technical issues as well as protecting against hackers worming their way in through outdated software. A care and maintenance package will also mean that if your site crashes, it’ll be fixed in the quickest possible time.

Save Valuable Time

Can you solve these issues? You might be able to figure it out but how long will that take, trawling the internet for answers? You’d be wasting your valuable time trying to do the things someone else does for a living. Hiring an expert means less hassle for you and allows you to focus your time and energy in the right place, on your business.

Save Money

Hiring someone to fix one-off issues will cost you money. This could amount to months’ worth of maintenance costs had you been paying for a plan. Hackers can completely destroy a site, causing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds worth of damage to your investment. Website downtime and technical issues will cost even more in the long run, damaging your business and losing you potential customers.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your website is being taken care of by a professional web expert means you’ll have peace of mind. This person is there to protect your investment and ensure problems are resolved quickly should they arise.


Sometimes, things just go wrong. Having an experienced person on hand to fix things when they do, is always going to be beneficial to you and your business.

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