ST Construction

About this project

ST Construction is a building firm based in Stockport. They came to Web Lad needing a simple website that would reflect their professional, no-nonsense approach to quality workmanship.

Their previous website was functional but didn’t make a good first impression and certainly didn’t reflect the brand.

They needed a website their existing happy customers could refer their friends and family to. And once there, an easy way to make contact.

It needed to showcase some of the building work they’ve done for their clients and engage potential customers to contact them with their own requirements. So the website needed to be simple, mobile-friendly and have a clear call to action.

The Solution

I redesigned the website from the ground up. I also cleaned-up their existing logo, as it would be used across all the company’s marketing materials.

The resulting website is a one-page site where the menu links to sections of the page, rather than separate pages. The site explains to the reader what the business offers, the benefits of employing ST Construction, examples of their work and a clear call to action in the form of a simple contact form.

The new website is notably faster to load as it is now hosted on fast UK servers with 100% solid state disks (SSDs).

I also migrated the company’s mailboxes over to Web Lad and they now enjoy free 10GB mailboxes (which they had been paying handsomely for with their previous host).

Finally, the site is protected with a free SSL certificate for encryption of the traffic to and from the site. This gives their visitors confidence and adds to the overall professionalism of the website.

The company is very pleased with their new website and are proud to refer people to it.


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