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About Joco

Award-winning Joco Gifts is a gift retailer based in Nuneaton. Their beautiful range includes wedding and party gifts, home accessories, kitchenware and stationary as well as personalised items. They have a physical shop as well as an online store.

About the Project

Through a recommendation from a previous client, Joco came to Web Lad wanting a complete online overhaul. This was not only to increase online sales but to showcase their range in its best possible light. All of this via a slick and savvy website that looks great and functions well on all devices.

The business was using a GoDaddy website prior to coming to Web Lad, however they were finding the functionality and design options too restrictive. WordPress and WooCommerce were the obvious choice!

As a business, Joco was already well branded with a great colour scheme, so the site had to seamlessly blend with the clean and bright style. Having identified the target audience as primarily female, we focused on making the site aesthetically appealing and visually attractive to this particular market.

Design and Functionality

After an initial consultation, Joco were encouraged to use this opportunity to adapt elements of the design and functionality of the site to make the user journey more logical. The user experience is obviously of huge importance and the more user friendly the site, the better conversion rate. We needed to make it very, very easy to make purchases.

The site includes a wishlist function, something it did not have previously. Visitors can simply add their favourite items to the wishlist to save for later. Customers need not even register to use this feature. Purchases can be made directly from the wishlist and customers can check out as a guest if they would prefer not to register. This makes the buying process simple, fast, and hassle free!

We looked at the structure of the product categories and decided it would be a good idea to make them more logical. This was in order to make browsing products more intuitive and user friendly. The ability to add attributes to products affords more freedom when structuring, something that couldn’t be done before.

Behind the Scenes

Aside from the customer experience, Joco needed to be able to manage the business from their end and so Web Lad made sure to give them the relevant tools for this.

The website allows Joco to manage all their stock in one place. Prior to this, website stock and onsite stock were managed separately, and you can imagine the issues that caused.

Multiple staff now have individual user accounts meaning they can all work on the site simultaneously if they wish.

The business is also able to set up and manage coupons and discount voucher codes, a feature which is integral to any online store.

Last but not least, the blog is now included on the site. It was separate previously. This will aid SEO and makes their content easier to manage, having everything all in one place.

An award-winning retailer deserves an award-winning site!


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