Cool Rings

About this project

Another of Web Lad’s own websites, set up as a working venture to showcase the different types of ecommerce website that can be built. Cool Rings sells just that.

The site is configured as an Amazon Affiliate store and the back-end is capable of pulling in chosen products form Amazon and keeping those details updated every day.

The checkout process happens away from the site, where orders are processed and fulfilled by Amazon.

This sort of online store practically runs itself and although I’m not currently marketing it, it is already on the first page of Google for the a search of “cool rings”. It has huge potential in commissions from Amazon.

The site consists of a simple design and page structure that is easy to navigate, with products organised by category and tags so they can be easily searched or browsed by style or theme.

I don’t really have any plans for the site, other than for it to continue to serve as a working example of my abilities in ecommerce and web design.


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