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About This Project

Choice Property is a property management and development company based in and serving Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

They chose to consult with Web Lad, through a recommendation from another client.

Although they already had a website, it didn’t reflect theior brand and wasn’t mobile-friendly. They needed a redesign.

The new website needed to be one that spoke purposefully to their target market and reflected their professionalism and high standards.


Design and Functionality

Given that Choice Property’s target market is more senior in years, a large and clear font was used. The site needed to be easy and comfortable to view, so contrasting colours were chosen. All of this was tied in with the existing branding along with clear calls to action and well-thought-out user journey.

It goes without saying that all websites should be responsive and look good across mobiles, tablets and desktops. The existing site did not perform in this way. Customers will now be able to view content on the go, with ease.

The emphasis was on the site looking smart, being user friendly and speaking to the target market.


Behind the Scenes

Prior to the redesign, Choice Property had a static site with fixed content. This meant they were unable to add or amend their own content. With their new website built on WordPress, they can create and manage their own content with ease.

Employees now have their own login accounts, meaning they can work on the site simultaneously.

The site copy was written from scratch by one of our professional copywriters. In order to set the correct tone and speak to the target market in the right voice. We all worked together from the start to research and define the client’s audience and what problems they were trying to solve.

The business now has a professional website that reflects their high standards and integrity.

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