Cambridge Social Media

About the Project

Cambridge Social Media is a platform that runs events to teach social media marketing to freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Having worked previously with this client, Web Lad was entrusted to build a new site for a new venture. The professional branding was already in place and we had free reign over the development.

The site needed to include full information on the company, as well as advertise events and sell tickets to those events.

Cambridge Social Media hosts regular meet-ups as well as Cambridge Social Media Day.


Design and Functionality

With branding already created, the site needed to reflect the professionalism of the platform whilst remaining relaxed enough to encourage those who are new to the world of business and/or social media.

The event and meet-ups gather people from all backgrounds and levels of knowhow, so we made sure the design was modern and fresh. Pairing simple sketch style icons with friendly and engaging content lends to the accessibility of the event.

The countdown to event timer also adds an element of fun and excitement as well as a degree of urgency.


Behind the Scenes

The ticket booking feature makes it simple to purchase a ticket for the event. Select the quantity and add to cart. This short, smooth process will mean less abandoned sales.

A mobile app also allows attendees to easily check in at the event.

The sponsorship section details all of the sponsorship options before presenting a simple form, where those who are interested can request more information.

All calls to action remain friendly and encouraging throughout, to tie in with the overall attitude and so as not to deter any potential event goers or sponsors.

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