Ami & Jazz

About the Project

Ami & Jazz is a relatively new boutique online clothing brand, selling boho loungewear in the UK.

Having been referred to Web Lad from another client, Ami & Jazz initially only wanted a few changes made to their existing site. Changes their previous developer had walked away from.

As we talked through all the changes needed, it became clear however, that a new site would actually cost them less while allowing them to start afresh.

We were also able to create a new brand in the process as one had not existed previously.


Design and Functionality

In order to develop a fresh, professional look, we created a sleek design with edgy, boho elements. We used an elegant font and colour scheme that would be attractive to their audience – teenage girls.

The site displays their exclusive product list with images and a description. It’s simple but smart.

Product colour, size and feature variations can be chosen individually and those changes are reflected on the product page. Simply add to basket and a purchase can be made using PayPal or a credit card right on the site.


Behind the Scenes

The beauty of this simple and small site is that it will evolve as the business grows. The solution is completely scalable.

Additionally, the website’s back-end can now be used to control their online and offline stock and product inventory.

Ami & Jazz now have the perfect platform from which to promote their brand, adding more products and content as and when they need.


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