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About this Project

The Small Business Marketing Bootcamp is a course run by an experienced group of marketing professionals. In this course they show businesses how to tailor their marketing strategy and give practical tips and advice.

They needed a simple site which included information on the business as well as the course. The site also needed to include ticket sales.

Design and Functionality

Using Small Business Marketing Bootcamp’s existing branding, a crisp and clear page was created that works well on all device types. To make the navigation as concise as possible, links were added to jump between page sections, rather than separate pages.

In order to drive ticket sales, ease of purchase was a priority. There are very few clicks from call to action (CTA) to ticket purchase. With a smooth user journey, visitors are less likely to be deterred and more likely to buy a ticket for the course.

Behind the Scenes

The site is a single landing page and tickets can be purchased on the same page with a credit card, using the Stripe payment processor.

Keeping everything on one page including different calls to action can be tricky. A seamless effect was achieved by using discreet pop-ups, new windows which open after selecting the action.

Clear and concise. Smooth and simple.

David is an incredible guy. He’s really helpful, caring and super efficient. I love working with David mostly because of the ease and simplicity. I don’t need to worry about feeling like an idiot for not knowing the right technical terms. Communication with David is always really efficient as he can quickly get the idea of what I need even when I don’t know what it is yet. On the top, David always thinks ahead and he future proofs his projects by expecting any future needs. I can highly recommend him for any web design projects! Lenka Koppova

Social Media Consultant

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