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Jemima Willcox is a professional photographer based in Cambridge. She needed a website that reflects her professionalism, style and her personal approach to her work.

We worked together to discover what Jemima’s clients would really need from her website, as well as allowing her to showcase her services and market her services. We worked collaboratively to create a website that Jemima loves and that gets results for her business.

Clients can book a photography session with Jemima right from her website.

The finished photography can then be browsed privately, selected, purchased online and downloaded – all from the same website.

Jemima collects contact details from potential clients with a handlhandyy but subtle pop-up form on her blog pages. Subscribers are kept up to date with Jemima’s newsletter and her latest offers.

Jemima is a prolific blogger and very active on social media. Her website aggregates all this content, which encourages visitors to stay on the site. This helps build trust and ultimately leads her readers to take the Call To Action (to book an appointment), which is prevalent through out the site.

One of Jemima’s original concerns was around her storage requirements. She needed her website to host large, very high resolution photographs, which would have quickly filled up most hosting plans.

As I offer unlimited storage on fast solid state disk (SSD) drives, this is no longer a concern and her business can grow exponentially without the worry of every running out of space or having to pay to upgrade.

I am still working with Jemima on new ideas as her business grows.

David is a friendly, knowledgeable and efficient web designer and came to my rescue when I was pulling my hair out trying to create my website by myself.

Working with David we formulated a plan on design, layout and the aim of my website. I’m extremely pleased with the finished website as David has gone beyond my requirements and delivered beyond my expectations.

I’d highly recommend David to design your website, you won’t be disappointed. Jemima Willcox

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