Is Your Website Ready For Google’s Mobile-First Index?

Question – is your website responsive? Not sure? In a previous post we looked at why your website should work on devices of all sizes. It’s crucial that your website is easy to read on desktop, tablet and mobile, especially mobile. More than 50% of all Google searches are happening on mobile devices, and smartphones sales made up 54% of online sales from mobile devices in December 2016. The fact that Google is soon to launch a separate ‘mobile first’ index means that it’s even more important that your website is mobile responsive. Google is planning on using the mobile version of web content as its primary index, and rank results based on that mobile content, even for listings based on desktop content. A search engine index is a collection of pages that a search engine discovers, primarily by crawling the web through links. What is the Mobile-First Index? Google described it best on their blog with:

‘Our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results.” – Google Webmaster Central Blog

As more than half of Google users are mobile searchers, it makes sense that Google wants its index and results to represent the majority of its users. In the past Google has crawled the web from a desktop browser point of view, however soon it will do it from a mobile browser viewpoint. Eventually, Google plans to use only one index based on mobile content, but during the roll-out period there will be two (desktop-first and mobile-first). It’s unlikely that people will know which index they’re actually using for a while. What happens if you don’t have a mobile responsive site? If you post content that is not mobile-friendly, it will not rank as highly on Google as content that is mobile-friendly (which will receive a rankings boost), which means that when people search for a product or service, your business might not even feature on the first page of Google. If your mobile site lacks some content that your desktop site contains, it could cease to be available in your mobile users’ searches. This could adversely affect your sales. Don’t get left behind, make sure your website is ready for a Google mobile-first index! Contact me to discuss how I can help!

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