How good are you at sprinting?

As a freelancer we are often confined to the hours in the day to complete our to do lists. This can sometimes seem daunting and the overwhelm of wasting a day can be devastating. When this occurs it can also knock your motivation, so how can we ensure we can attempt to manage this?

There is a technique that is used by some of the most powerful entrepreneurs that section up your day into sprints and jogs (And don’t worry, you don’t need to be reaching for your trainers or blowing the dust of your gym equipment)

This time management technique allows you to divide up an hour into a period of intense work, and then a slower paced break or separate task. The periods of intense work are called sprints, as you attempt to get as much done in the time allocated, and the slower section of the hour is called the jog due to the lesser intensity this section requires.

The sprint section should include the task that you need to get done, one of the top things on your to do list. The jog section can be a break from working, completing a task such as posting to social media for your business, or a a task that you enjoy. The idea is to ensure you have a strict time limit to get those tasks of high importance done and then reward yourself with a less intensive task to reset your mindset before then attempting the next sprint.

Here’s how you can divide up your hour –

30 minutes sprint, 30 minutes jog

This is the best way to start when you attempt to implement this process of time management, as it allow you to get used to this new way of working.

40 minutes sprint, 20 minute jog

As you start to utilise this process more within your work day, you will find that you can sprint longer before needing a break. You can also use this time division when you are feeling particularly motivated. You may have periods in the day when you are more efficient that others, and by utilising this set of times you can really utilise it and boost your productivity.

45 minutes sprint, 15 minute jog

This is the highest amount of minutes that is suggested for a sprint, as only less than 15 minutes for a job you will not be giving yourself enough time to reset your mindset. The key to this process having a break between the part of the hour that you are sprinting.

The purpose of this process its to keep you motivated and in the correct mindset. This time management process is designed to also stop burn out, which is something we all suffer with from time to time.

Give it a go! Record the results and see how it alters your day!

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