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WordPress Development..

Can you add new functionality to my existing WordPress website?

That’s what we do! We understand the needs of your website will alter as your business grows. Your website needs to keep up and that often means adding new functionality without building a whole new site. That’s the beauty of WordPress – it’s modular. This makes it very cost-effective to make changes.

Will it work on mobiles and tablets?

All of the websites that we develop look good and work well on all mobile devices. With everyone now continually connected to the internet, whether that’s using a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, I know how important it is to ensure all of those potential clients will be able to access your website. Responsive design is a core of every Web Lad project, so it’s planned right from the start, not just added as an after-thought.

Do you only build WordPress websites?

Web Lad is all about WordPress websites. We develop new WP websites, fix WP problems and create new functionality for your WP website.

By focusing just on WordPress and it’s related technologies, we can ensure that we build the best websites for you.

What's included with a new website?

You get 3 months’ of our Website Care package included in the price. You also get the domain name of your choice (if it’s available to register) or you can transfer in your own domain name.

Whats the process? Where do we start?

The process begins by you either contacting me for a no-obligation chat or completing my discovery questions online. From there we work together to define your target audience, the goals of your website, what functionality is required and finally the design. You’ll know right from the start what to expect. No one likes to be kept guessing.

Will I be able to manage my own website content?

Of course. You can log in to your new website to add blog posts and make any changes you want to make. It’s your website!

WordPress Website Care..

Do you only care for WP websites?

Web Lad is all about WordPress websites, by focusing just in WordPress and it’s related technologies, we can ensure that the support we provide is top notch!

Can I get just the hosting?

No. The crux of this service is the personal and proactive care for your WordPress website. Plus, I just wouldn’t be able to resist tweaking your site to make it load faster anyway.

Will I be tied into a fixed-term contract?

Existing clients tell me how invaluable the service is when they no longer have to worry about keeping their site operational. So, there’s no need for clients to be tied in to a fixed term contract. You can leave at any time, for any reason.

How do you get my website onto your servers?

Give me the login details for your existing hosting and domain registrar and I’ll do the rest. It’s as easy as that!

WordPress Support..

My website has been hacked? Can you help?

Absolutely. There are many tell-tale signs or symptoms of a hacked website but I can re-secure it and get it back online. That is if the hacking hasn’t deleted any content. For that reason, make sure your website is backed up!

By the way, daily backups and security hardening are standard parts of the Web Lad WordPress Website Care service.

Do you only fix WordPress websites?

Yes. I have devoted my expertise solely to WordPress and the technologies that support it. This means my experience isn’t diluted amongst other Content Management Systems (CMS). Find out here why I love WordPress so much!

How much do you charge?

We like to be as transparent as possible with pricing. We charge £60 per hour for WordPress development work. If we need to write custom code for your project, we’ll give you a price for the job. We invoice on completion of the work and invoices are payable within 7 days.

Will you tell me how much it will cost before starting work?

Definitely. I’ll figure out what the problem is first so that I can give you an estimate for my time. I’ll only ever make any changes once you’re happy for me to start.

What if you can't fix it? Will I still be charged?

Nope. It’s a no-fix, no fee service. If I can’t fix it then I have failed as a WordPress Superhero. Seriously though, I have a massive network of developers to fall back on for help and advice. If I don’t know off the cuff, then I’ll know someone who does. Either way, your problem will get fixed and you’ll only have to deal with me.

Everything Else..

What payment methods do you accept?

We prefer to accept payment by direct bank transfer and details are available on each invoice. However, you can also pay by credit card or even PayPal.

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