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About WordPress Development

It means you bring us your website design and we build it into a fast, responsive WordPress website. You then present it to you client as your own work.

Ideal for when you have more work booked than you can handle or for when you just don’t want to handle the technical side of web development. That’s the side we love!

Yes it will. We won’t try and shoe-horn your design into a ready-made, off -the-shelf template. We’ll build your website from scratch with a blank theme and a development framework like Elementor Pro.

We prefer to stick to the technical side of things, but we do have some great designers on hand to help. So yes.

You name it, we can code it. We’ve helped clients solve all sorts of problems, like integrating WordPress with EPOS systems, 3rd party APIs and booking systems.

Try us! We like a challenge 🙂

Absolutely. The beauty of WordPress is it’s modularity. New functionality can be added at will. We can also customise any existing functionality.

We charge £60 per hour or we can charge per project for larger projects.

About WordPress Troubleshooting

We know what a standard WordPress installation should look like. So we can tell if your website has been altered maliciously.

We can unpick a hacked site (or restore it from a backup if one is available).

Most website breaches occur through known vulnerabilities (back doors) in plugins and themes.

We can also scan your  site for these vulnerabilities and breaches, and we can harden your website against future attacks.

Yes. We love WordPress and we prefer to focus our effort and expertise helping our clients with their WordPress needs.

However, we can also help you with problems with the technology that surrounds WordPress, such as hosting and email issues.

We will include the diagnosis time in the final bill. Unless (in the unlikely event) we can’t fix it. Then we won’t charge you anything. 

We charge £60 per hour for WordPress troubleshooting.

About Website Care

Our Website Care package starts at just £50pm (monthly) or £500pa (yearly). That’s 2 months free when you pay yearly!

This package covers most websites, but larger and heavier sites, like ecommerce sites, are billed on an individual basis. Contact us for more details.

Certainly! Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Yes. We know and love WordPress and we like to keep it that way. We stick to what we’re good at and we don’t want to dilute that expertise.

We prefer to have the full control and knowledge of our own systems, but we’re always willing to help. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Yes. IMAP and SMTP email hosting is included in our fee. You even get your own webmail.

Don’t worry about that. We’ll take care of the migration of your website to us. We’ll just need access to  your current hosting control panel (or a full backup of your website). We’ll even change your DNS to point to your website’s new home.

Not at all. Our Website Care package can run either monthly or yearly. You can leave at any time. We do not offer refunds if you leave mid-term though.

General questions

Not at all. We love WordPress and we love helping anyone with a WordPress requirement.

We prefer direct bank transfers. Details of which are available on our invoices. We also accept credit & debit cards and PayPal.

Gold bars and hard cash are also acceptable 🙂

The Web Lad brand was launched in Jan 2017 as an individual venture which quickly grew. We now work with a team of fantastic specialist developers, programmers, copy writers and assistants, who make sure we keep up with client demand and abreast of developments in WordPress and internet technologies.

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