Don’t Miss Out On Sales – Embrace Mobile Commerce

The way that people purchase online is changing and has transformed rapidly over the past few years. Up until recently, consumers avoided using their mobile or tablet to buy products, instead favouring their laptop or desktop to shop or finish a purchase.

Today, people expect to be able to buy on-the-go, and have a user-friendly experience when purchasing goods and services on a mobile device (otherwise known as mobile commerce, or mCommerce for short).

UK online sales exceed £130 billion in 2016, fuelled by sales growth on smartphones

Accessing the internet via mobile (smartphones and tablets) overtook online access via a desktop in 2014, but up until recently mobile web users only accounted for 30% of eCommerce sales.

People used mobile to check e-mails, use social media and access news, but went back to their desktop or laptop to make purchases (when buying they were using phones for research or site comparisons).

Many retailers just weren’t equipped to deal with mobile customers, who faced a number of challenges such as slow online checkout and tricky site navigation.

Smartphone sales made up 54% of online sales from mobile devices in December 2016, compared with 39% of sales in December 2015

As technology has developed, so have spending habits. Retail sales spiked when new smartphone models with bigger screens hit the market (small screens make it harder for shoppers to navigate websites and enter payment information).

Now online customers can buy easier with single-click checkout, mobile wallets and onsite buy buttons.

An e-retail sales index report predicts that UK e-commerce sales will grow by 14% in 2017.

Many retailers have woken up to the fact that business growth depends on the ability to sell products to shoppers on-the-go. Have you? Is your online store equipped to deal with mCommerce?

Your layouts need to be responsive and compatible with plugins and new payment apps. If your site isn’t mobile ready, then your customers will just leave and buy from a competitor instead (they’re not going to wait until they get home to buy online from a desktop anymore). We manage so much of our lives on our phones.

Don’t get left behind and lose out on customers – embrace mCommerce.

Web Lad solves m-commerce issues by designing e-commerce websites that work on all devices, from the ground up. Whilst designing and building your site, I constantly test on all three sizes (mobile, tablet and desktop) to make sure that it’s completely usable and beautiful on any device.

If you’d like to know more about responsive web design and ecommerce, get in touch to discuss how I can help your business make more sales online.

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