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Your website needs to evolve with your business, making life easier for both you and your visitors. I can develop functionality based on any needs your business has. Let’s think to the future!

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Any WP Website Customisation

Web Lad develops fledgling or existing WordPress websites to improve and optimise functionality and performance.

You have a WordPress website and your business needs have evolved

You want to add new functionality to your existing WordPress website

You need to automate processes and streamline your customer journey


My most frequently asked questions. With answers!

Can you add new functionality to my existing WordPress website?

Yes. I understand that the needs of your website will alter as your business grows. Your website needs to keep up and that often means adding new functionality without building a whole new site. That’s the beauty of WordPress – it’s modular. This makes it very cost-effective to make changes and build on what you already have.

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