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4 Reasons to Consider a Pre-made WordPress Theme

Pre-made WordPress themes, or templates often get a bad rap. It’s easy to understand why when you think about what’s implied by the word. One definition of template is, “something that serves as a model for others to copy” which conjures images of a conveyor belt,...

Does My WordPress Website Need a Child Theme?

If you’re new to WordPress or just curious about how your website works, you’ll want an understanding of themes and child themes. What is a Theme? The WordPress Codex defines a theme as “...a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with...

How To Make Gated Content Work For You

Gated content is essentially any website content which is hidden or locked until the user performs an action to gain access. That action could simply be making a payment. More often than not, it will come in the guise of a sign-up form. This would be either for a mailing list subscription or just to gather information about the website’s users.

5 Essential Tips to Improve Your Homepage

Sometimes referred to as the landing page, your homepage is essentially the page your audience will land on when they first visit your website. That is, if they haven’t followed a link to a specific page on your site. It’s the page right at the top of the structure, or hierarchy, of your content and the beginning of the journey through your site.

Make Your Website Easy To Find

On-site SEO is great because it’s things entirely in your control that can affect how your site ranks in search. You can’t control the search engines; you can’t control your competitors; you can’t control external links. You can control your own website and content.

Why I Love WordPress

WordPress started out as a platform designed for blogging and was never associated with creating stunning, functional, and flexible business websites but today, something like 57% of Enterprises use WordPress to manage their website.

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