5 Signs your Website is Boring its Visitors

Have you checked your website analytics recently?

If you’ve got a high bounce rate, then it’s a sign that your site isn’t holding your visitors’ attention and they’re going to look for a similar product or service elsewhere. If you’re finding that you’re not getting results from your website, maybe it’s time to make some changes.

What feedback are you getting from others about your website? Is it outdated?

If visitors are bored with your website, they won’t stay long and they won’t return – two important factors in getting conversions and making more sales. 

Luckily it’s not too difficult to make improvements and get your potential customers to hang around a bit longer.

Here are some reasons why your visitors might find your website boring, and how to turn things around.

  1. You’ve got big chunks of unbroken text

People’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so large chunks of unbroken text on your web pages are going to send visitors away in droves. Think about breaking your web copy up into smaller chunks, adding subheadings and bullet points, creating smaller paragraphs and editing out unnecessary information. If you’ve got a substantial back story, then think about using a video on your about page so visitors can get to see the real you, and don’t have to deal with your life story when they’re making the decision to buy. You could also use video testimonials in the place of written ones which have more impact and reduce the amount of text on your site.

2. Not enough images or low quality images People are visual, and most of us pay attention to images and videos (think about how people get attention on social media, a tweet is pretty boring without an image or a video attached to it). Images give us a sense of the business and their values. Try not to use too many stock images, as it sends out the message that your company is generic and not unique. It’s worth investing in some good quality headshots or paying more for higher quality stock images so it looks like you’re professional and you mean business. You should also use images to break up text. A web designer can help you with the layout and the positioning of the images for maximum impact.

3. Low average time spent on your pages Use Google Analytics to check how much time your visitors are spending on your page. The less time they spend, the more likely it is that they are not that impressed with what they see. It’s possible that they might be leaving to look at other pages on your site, but it’s worth checking in frequently to keep an eye on the average time that they’re spending on it which will indicate if you have a problem with keeping people’s attention.

4. High bounce rate  Again, check your analytics to see the percentage of visitors who left your site after just viewing one page. Google Analytics defines bounce rate as “the percentage of visits in which a person left your site from the entrance/landing page without visiting any other pages on the site.” If your bounce rate is high and people are leaving quickly, then that’s a sign that your content or visuals are boring and not keeping your visitor interested. If people leave after only visiting one page, then you’re unlikely to get many sales conversions or build a positive online reputation. Ways to combat this include creating an enticing, more organised landing page, improving the readability or formatting of the site (see point 1 above), avoiding popups and improving the user experience (UX).

5. It’s not mobile friendly  The majority of people are now using their mobile to access web content, so if your site isn’t mobile ready and a visitor logs on to it on their phone, they’re not going to have a great experience and end up going to another site that is optimised for mobile. Mobile friendliness is now a ranking factor and Google will soon be rolling out a mobile-first index, meaning that your site won’t be ranked as highly as other sites that are mobile friendly. Take a look at my blog post about mobile-friendly sites to find out more. I can help you to create a site that is optimised for mobiles and tablets, making sure that mobile users spend more time on your site and increasing the chance of getting more sales. My goal is to help you have an engaging, attention-grabbing website that encourages your visitors to stick around. Click here to discuss how I can help you to keep your potential customers interested in what you have to offer.

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