4 Ways to Deal With Procrastination

Have you ever sat at staring at your computer screen and wondered why you have spent the last thirty minutes doing nothing productive?

Procrastination is a true killer of productivity!

The art of procrastination (which is something most people are proficient in) is to keep delaying something that must be done. Often the tasks that get neglected the most by procrastination are the tasks that you may find boring, daunting or too large to start to attempt.

Procrastinator is made not born. This behaviour pattern can be altered and this article is designed to give you four ways to overcome the procrastination in your day.

Take small bites

Have you ever looked at a task and it has turned into this huge daunting project and you have no idea where to begin?

You know that once you start it’ll turn into a bigger monster than you first imagined. It always does, right? Plus you’re probably a perfectionist. You know you’ll spend hours on the details, getting it just right – rather than getting it done.

To overcome the urge to procrastinate in the face of this task you need to take the task or project and break it down into manageable chunks. Every project is made up of steps, so give yourself a chance and break it down. You can even break down you day to accommodate the different parts of the project too!

Wake up early

Sometimes it’s impossible to overcome all urges to procrastinate. In response to this you can give yourself a higher chance of still completing that to do list by giving yourself more time. When you wake up early you can also ensure that you eat properly and prepare for the day. When you wake up early ups give yourself more time to tackle that to do list. This way of beating procrastination can get some getting used to, but the extra time is worth it in the end!

Remove distractions

Everybody isn’t distracted by the same things. So too utilise this to overcome procrastination you need to think about what causes you to veer of track and stall your productivity. If you get distracted by every social media ping or buzz, then turn it off for a period of time. For each social media notification it can take you up to ten minutes to get back on track! Another immensely time draining task is constantly checking your emails. In reality you don’t need to check them every five minutes. Find what makes you distracted and remove this from your work space and watch your productivity improve!

Overcome your fears

People often procrastinate when you are scared of a task or are fearful regarding the process to complete it. This can be overcome by identifying where you may need extra support or additional education to ensure you feel confident within those tasks. If you are a business owner you can also learn to outsource those tasks to again improve your business productivity!

Procrastination is often the cause of low productivity within your day to day. The most important thing to do is recognise when this is happening. You can even record it to see if there are any natural patterns in regards to the times where you will tend to procrastinate more than others. Once you do that you can also work around those times you are naturally more prone to procrastination.

Try some of the above techniques to combat procrastination and see your productivity improve!

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